I am a nonfiction writer, and life is my muse. I write about my own experiences as a way of connecting with and inspiring others. This website is your resource for learning about my past work, current projects and future plans.

I have always wanted to be a full time writer, but as most know, it is very difficult to earn a living that way. I was never in the position where I could give it a go. I needed a reliable paycheck and those other pesky things like affordable health insurance. I was lucky enough to find a "day job" that centered on writing. 

After leaving my career to stay home with my daughter, I spent the first year of her life immersed in motherhood. Then I realized I needed to focus some energy on me. I rediscovered my passion for writing and jumped in head first. I have the opportunity for the first time in my life to truly be a writer, and I'm loving it. 

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