When everyone is shouting, no one can truly listen.

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The so-called “Mommy Wars” are going stronger than ever. Blogging and social media have added a new dimension to the conflict, and competition among moms has spread far beyond the traditional work or stay at home debate. Today, every parenting decision a mother makes is open to attack, and there are no winners.

There seems to be no end to the topics that can generate controversy. A recent poll of Mom bloggers revealed 76% had experienced or witnessed cyber bullying between moms on online

Over 34 million moms are online, and that number is expected to rise at least 12% each year. They are one of the largest internet user segments in America and spend twice as much time online as the general population. The internet is the new battleground of the Mommy Wars.

Cacophony: How The Mommy Wars Have Reached New Heights Online And Today's Mom Simply Cannot Win looks at the issues dividing moms online today, and seeks to unify mothers and build a community based on respect, understanding and acceptance. This work has already begun through the creation of The Mom Pledge, an online campaign spearheaded by author Elizabeth Flora Ross to eradicate cyber bullying among moms. 

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